Young Swiss man miraculously survives bad crash

RESIDENTS in southern Hat Yai city helped a young Swiss man get out of his smashed sedan moments before burst into flames at 3 am this morning, Thai News Agency reported.

A CCTV clip shows the moment the Honda City sedan which Mr Gary Ferguson, 29, was driving at a high speed hit a power pole in the middle of this city in Songkhla province, flipped over and hurled at a pickup truck parked in front of Krungthai-AXA insurance company.


The overturned sedan was giving off smoke when residents rushed in and pulled Ferguson out. Seconds after that it burst into flames.

Ferguson miraculously survived with a head wound and bruises on his body and was sent to Hat Yai hospital.

Residents used chemical extinguishers to put out the fire but were unsuccessful and it was later doused by 2 fire engines after also damaging the Krungthai-AXA sign and a public phone booth.

Residents in this area say accidents often occur on this stretch because it is a sharp bend and vehicles coming at high speed tend to careen off the road. These residents have put cement pillars in front of their houses to prevent vehicles from hitting their homes.


Top: Firemen extinguish the blazing car in the heart of Hat Yai city. Photo: Thai News Agency

In-text: The crashed sedan at rear giving off a lot of smoke. Photo: Thai News Agency