125 Thai SMEs push into Cambodia market

Cambodia (Thai News Agency ) – With the Cambodian economy expanding at 7% per annum and expected to continue doing so in the New Year a total of 125 Thai small and medium enterprises (SMEs) have gone there to push into this favorable market, Thai News Agency said today.

The Office of Small and Medium Sized Enterprises Promotion took the 125 SMEs to join a trade fair in Cambodia and push a variety of products into this neighboring market. It is confident of generating over 200 million baht for Thailand.

cafe-amazon-popular-in-cambodiaHowever this agency pointed out that while transportation logistics business has grown steadily Thailand should consider freeing it up further similar to what is currently in place among Cambodia, Laos and Vietnam.

During the past four to five year the economy of Thailand’s neighbor, Cambodia, has grown steadily with its 7% growth per annum being the highest in Asean. This is a result of foreign investment funds with this raising the income of Cambodians and along with it their purchasing ower.

Cambodians appreciate and have confidence in Thai products and franchise business has a lot of opportunity to grow there. An outstanding example is Café Amazon which is very popular with investment per branch being 7 million baht yet there are willing buyers.

While Cambodian economy is growing fast and is stable with there being trade and investment opportunities and this also applying to Thai business operators, those venturing there are warned to study all the information carefully before investing, Thai News Agency said


Top: A Thai coffee business proprietor negotiating a deal in Cambodia. Photo: Thai News Agency

Inset: Café Amazon is very popular in Cambodia. Photo: Thai News Agency



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