2 new millionaires in Thailand today thanks to the Government lottery.

There are 2 new millionaires in Thailand today from the government lottery. The first winner is a good citizen who found money and decided to give it away for a good cause. He then purchased a lottery ticket that turned out to be a winning ticket bringing in 6 Million THB. Pongsak 36 years old, his wife and child went for a walk near his home in Pathum Thani Province. They were turning back home when he found a 100 THB banknote on the road. The money had a yellow string tied around it and Pongsak believed it came from a temple. He took the money home. The winner told his sister about the money, and she advised him to give the money to a good cause at the temple. 


Credit: Khaosod


Pongsak remembered the last 3 digits on the bank note was 761. He looked for a ticket with this number and prayed at the temple asking for good luck. He promised that if he gets the winning ticket, Pongsak will give a part of the money to the same temple. He will do as promised along with building a small home and save the remaining for his child’s education in the future. The next winner is a woman who purchased over 30 tickets. 1 of the tickets brought her great luck bringing in 6 Million THB. Kannika 27 years old from Buriram Province had a dream. In the dream someone pointed at her license plate. After the dream she made it a mission to buy all lottery tickets with the license plate number. 


Credit: Sanook


The Sanook News Team visited Kannika while she was picking up the winning ticket from a friend. The friend sells lottery tickets online. Kannika revealed the number in her dream was 561. She woke up and started searching for tickets with the number 61. The winner purchased over 30 tickets, 7 from her friend. When the winning ticket number was announced Kannika and the family were shocked and happy. After picking up the ticket Kannika went to file a report at the Buriram City Police Station as evidence of her big win. 


Credit: Khaosod


FB Caption: The first winner is a good citizen who found money and decided to give it away to a temple. He used the number on the banknote to buy a lottery ticket. 


Source: Khaosod, Sanook