21 Call Center gang suspects arrested in Cambodia now in Thailand

21 suspects involved in call center gangs have now been arrested and in Thailand from Cambodia. The Police Cyber Tast Force in cooperation with DES has returned to Thailand with the suspects on 12 February 2022. Police General Suwant Jangyodsuk Commissioner of the Royal Thai Police gave orders to related officials to travel to Cambodia on a mission on the 10th. Thai officials met with Cambodian officials and together the teams searched 3 locations. 


Credit: Khaosod


The first location is the Y.N Hotel in Phnom Penh, specifically floor 4-8. Suspects resided at the hotel and the 9th floor was used as a center of operations. Suspects would invite possible investors to join their fake opportunities. The group was led by a Chinese suspect and the scam was mainly focused on crypto currency investment opportunities. Most of the victims are Thais with damages of over 200 Million THB. At this location, 2 suspects were arrested. 


The next location is a 4-story building across from Sokha Vegas Casino in Sihanoukville. Suspects resided on the top floor, also used as an operation center. The suspects would introduce themselves to victims as officials from the DSI and police. The group is led by a Chinese suspect and workers are not allowed to leave the building. This scam has at least 300 Million THB in damages and 6 suspects were arrested. 


Credit: Khaosod


The 3rd and last location is the Chinatown GM Office building in Sihanoukville. Suspects resided and worked from the building. There are 2 groups here both managed by Chinese suspects. The scam would be revolved around games with links through 888168.com and CT make money website. The group would claim to be owned by the Central Group and the PTT Group, 2 major corporations in Thailand well known by Thai locals. Most victims are Thais with damages of at least 500 Million THB. At this location, 13 suspects were arrested bringing the total to 21 suspects. 


FB Caption: Together the 3 groups have caused damages of at least 1 Billion THB. 


Source: Khaosod