7 Dangerous Days of Songkran 386 Dead, Insurance Paid 36.65M THB

The 7 Dangerous Days of Songkran 2019 this year started on the 11th of April until the 17th of April. A total of 386 were killed during this time, but only 97 had life insurances and 130 had insurance policies. The insurance companies paid an amount of 36.65 million THB to the families of those who died during the 7 dangerous days of Songkran.



Credit: Prachachat


The leading cause of death during these 7 days goes to Drunk Driving with a percentage of 36.61%. Out of all the 386 deaths, only 97 people or 25.13% had life insurances that secured a certain amount of cash in the case of them dying. Songkran has always come with a reputation linked to drinking and driving afterward as traveling is a part of the Songkran culture where citizens travel back to their home towns and celebrate, alcohol is often a part of the long holiday.


Picha Siriyothin from The Thai Life Assurance Association reported that Songkran is a time when people take a long holiday away from their normal lives and an escape from work. Sadly, this is not the case for many families that lose their loved ones during the Songkran holiday.


Road Safety Thailand reported that during Songkran this year there were a total of 3,338 accidents with 3,442 injured persons. A total of 386 deaths resulted from these accidents. The main cause of the accidents is due to drunk driving at 36.61%. Driving over the speed limit comes in 2nd place at 28.31%.


Most of the vehicles in the accidents were motorbikes at 79.25%. TDRI published a research that showed an approximate of 20,000 people die in road accidents per year and 100,000 are injured in road accidents per year. When the numbers are added together brings an average loss of 500,000 million THB per year to the Thai economy. Insurances help secure the loss by giving a stable basis in case of a death in the family.


FB Caption: The 7 dangerous days of Songkran 2019 had 3,338 accidents, 3,442 injured persons, and 386 deaths. The leading cause of accidents goes to drunk driving at 36.61%.


Source: Prachachat