Backhoe finds at least 100,000 THB hidden underground.

A landowner hired a backhoe to level the ground and found at least 100,000 THB hidden underground by the previous owner. Duangporn Chairit 46-year-old the owner of Thampranna Market in Nakhon Si Thammarat Province is the landowner. Locals in the area visited the land in excitement hoping to find out who the money belongs to. Most of the money is in good condition and perfectly usable. The woman displayed all the money and placed it in a clear plastic box on a table for the locals to see. Most of the bills are 500 THB bills and there is at least 50,000 THB of just the 500 THB bills.


Credit: INN News


Some money bags turned black as water entered inside. There are all types of bills found including 10,000 THB of 20 THB bills. 12,000 THB of 100 THB bills found kept together in a plastic bag. There is also a plastic box placed inside a plastic box, this box was buried underground with no protection and the box ended up breaking apart. Sathit Chairit 43-year-old the backhoe driver stated he received a job from Duangporn, they are relatives. Duangporn wanted him to bring the backhoe to renovate a piece of land she had. The land will be turned into a new noodle shop. Arun Wakwatee used to live on the land and died 5 years ago. Nataya Wakwatee is his daughter and the owner of the noodle shop.


Credit: INN News


As the backhoe was digging it found the plastic box and money started coming out of the ground covered in dirt. The box was buried 20 centimeters underground with bricks placed on top. Nataya revealed that before her father died, he told her there was something hidden under his bed. She never realized he meant money buried and believed he was talking about lucky lottery numbers that he used to write down  on the bed.


Credit: INN News


FB Caption: The father secretly buried cash underground but the daughter never knew.


Source: INN News