Big lottery winners in Thailand 30M each.

There are new millionaires in Thailand but 2 stand out with amazing big wins taking in 30 Million THB each. The first big win was a couple in Loei Province who hoped to win a small prize. Their expectations exploded when the couple realized 30 Million THB was coming in. The winners reveal they are so happy and have no idea how to spend the money. Akaradej Pimket 33 year old and his girlfriend from Loei Province went to file a report with Pha Khao Police as evidence. The winning number for the latest round on 1 September 2021 is 114475. The winner holds 5 grand prize tickets, a total of 30 Million THB. 


Credit: Khaosod


Akaradej the new millionaire reported that they purchased a set of tickets with the same numbers. They only picked the tickets because it had the number 75. The couple hoped at best they would win the 2-digit prize. Then on the lottery draw date he heard someone say the number 75 won. They were already happy and checked the tickets. This is when they realized they were holding 5 grand prize tickets. The couple went straight to the police station to stay safe. Akaradej reveals he has no plan for the money and is overloaded with happiness. 


Credit: Khaosod


The next winner is a lottery seller also from Loei Province. At first the lottery seller believed luck was not on his side because he couldn’t sell all the tickets. The Facebook user named “Suwina Saiyan” shared the story with the caption “Such great luck, I am happy for you”. The winner is a lottery seller from Loei who was selling tickets in Khon Kaen Province. No one would purchase the set of tickets and he decided to keep it for himself. After realizing he is now a very rich man the winner went to file a report at the same police station as the first couple. 


Credit: Khaosod


FB Caption: Both big winners are from Loei Province and went to file a report at the same police station. 


Source: Khaosod