Big lottery winners in Thailand today.

There are new millionaires in Thailand after the latest lottery draw on 1 July 2021. The first winner iare the biggest winners with 2 winning tickers bringing in 6 million THB per ticket or a total of 12 Million THB. A big online lottery store named “Mae Jum Nia” in Thai went live on Facebook to congratulate a customer on the big win. The ticket was purchased at branch 5 of the lottery store with the wining number 713517. The Sanook News Team visited the store and met with Rangsan Vijitkarn the owner of the store, Namwan 23-year-old the winner, and other employees at the lottery store.


Credit: Sanook


Rangsan stated that one of the tickets were purchased by an employee at the store. The other winner is a customer in Sing Buri Province who purchased 2 winning tickets online. The store has a total of 3 winning tickets. The store has already transferred 2 million THB to the customer and will be transferring the remaining winnings when the back opens. The next winner is Pakdee Jamsai 30-year-old from Surin Province. Pakdee stated he has been buying numbers recommended by Mae Nam Nueng, a famous social media user. He wanted to buy a different number, but this was the only ticket available with 17 in it. The winner had luck on his side and was so surprised he did not know how to react. He called his brother and together they filed a report with the police.


Credit: Sanook


The last winner in this story is a man from Ratchaburi Province. Officials at the Damnoen Saduak Police Station posted pictures with the winner stating, “The first prize winner came to file a report at the station as evidence, I guess it is not our turn yet 1 July 2021”. The winner is Saui 23-year-old who traveled to the station with the winning ticket. After the report was filed police asked the man where he purchased the ticket. Saui stated that he purchased the ticket right in front of the factory where he works. He could not leave the area because of the lockdown.


Credit: Sanook


FB Caption: An employee at the lottery store also won with 1 winning ticket.


Source: Sanook