Call center member arrested after scamming 10 victims

A call center member has been arrested and admits she had successfully scammed 10 Thais. The suspect claims she did not want to work in the call center but was lied to and had no choice. The PCT police arrested Sirithanaporn Chaisan the suspect. She wanted to become the admin for a Facebook page, but it was a lie and she had to work in a scam call center instead. Police General Damrongsak Kittiprapas the Police Chief gave orders for police to arrest Sirithanaporn 28 years old from Sa Kaeo Province. The suspect is wanted by an arrest warrant issued by the Samut Prakan Provincial Court and was arrested on 26 October 2022. 



The suspect is arrested relating to fraud, involvement in an international crime organization, money laundering, and more. The suspect’s nickname is Pang, she revealed that in November 2021 there was an advertisement showing a job position for a Facebook admin. The job promised a monthly pay of 20,000 THB. The boss claimed that her main job was to answer customers online. She agreed and traveled through natural passageways to a meeting point in Sa Kaeo Province. She met with a person in front of Wat Trat temple and was presented with a contract. The contract was all in Chinese and came with a condition that she must work for at least 6 months to be able to return home. When she arrived at the office, she realized it was a scam call enter. 



She would call other Thais and state that they had a shipment held at the post office. Pang would work as the first caller and revealed there are about 100 persons working as the first caller. The second caller would join in later in the call and claim to be police officers from Chiang Rai Police Station. The third caller would then claim to be a high ranked police officer. The main boss is Chinese. Pang admitted she had scammed 5-10 Thais but did not get a share from the scammed money. Her pay stayed at 20,000 THB a month. She worked for 3 months before she was able to come out and return home. She paid 30,000 THB to the boss in exchange for her release. The suspect had been delivered to the Samut Prakan Police and is now waiting for prosecution. 


Credit: Khaosod


FB Caption: Pang claims she was forced to work in the scam call center and had to pay 30,000 THB to return home. 


Source: Khaosod