Dissabled uncle searches for money owner.

A disabled uncle was shocked when someone transferred 103,600 THB into his account, as a response he wants to search for the true owner. The uncle stated that he is afraid the true owner would be affected by the missing money, especially during Covid-19. Somsak Jaiprae 56 years old is from Ban Phaeo District in Samut Prakan Province. The Sanook News Team interviewed the uncle on 12 May 2020 in his convenience store about the incident. Somsak states that he had no idea who the true owner of the money was after it suddenly appeared in his bank account on 10 May 2020.


Somsak owns a local convenience store and also sells the government lottery tickets in front of his own home. Somsak started working when he was 17 as a construction worker. He got into an accident while working the job that resulted in losing his left hand. Since then he has been a disabled person and had to leave work. After a while, he opened up a small convenience store with his wife and started making a good living. He managed to save up some money and invested in lottery tickets from Sanambin Nam, Nonthaburi Province. Somsak pays about 100,000 THB before each lottery ticket draw.


The lottery ticket business brought him luck when in 2014 Somsak won 2-second prize lottery tickets bringing in 400,000 THB. He used this money to improve his convenience store into a bigger and better business. Somsak visited his account one day and realized that there had been 103,600 THB transferred into his personal account. He realized right away that this transfer was not related to his businesses and it didn’t belong to him.


Credit: Sanook


Somsak notified the Khlong Tan Village Chief Chaiyod Suksakorn to help search for the true owner through Facebook. With the help of Social Media, they found out the money was sent from a Kasikorn bank account named Amornrat. To this day the woman still hasn’t contacted Somsak or the bank for her money back. Somsak hopes that the media will help find the owner so she knows where her money is through his phone number 085-425-2492.


FB Caption: Somsak was shocked when 103,600 THB was transferred into his account and wishes to search for the owner.


Source: Sanook