Fake lottery gang arrested after cashing in tickets.

A fake lottery gang has been arrested after cashing in the tickets. Police Major General Suwat Sangnum and other related officials from the the Crime Suppression Division (CSD) reported on 28 February 2021 about the arrest of 3 suspects who are members of a fake lottery gang. Thongin 59-year-old, Sarawut 23-year-old, and Supaporn 20-year-old are wanted under the arrest warrant no. 22-23/2564 issued by the Lom Sak Provincial Court on 23 February 2021. Thongin was arrested in Bangphli District, Samut Prakan Province. Sarawut was arrested in Tha Luang District, Lopburi Province. While Supaporn was arrested in Kaeng Khoi District, Saraburi Province.


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On 19 February 2021, a lottery buyer in Lom Sak Market fell victim to 2 persons who cashed in a fake lottery ticket claiming they had won almost 100,000 THB. The first suspect walked in and showed the lottery buyer 2 winning tickets with the 5th prize from the latest government lottery draw on the 16th. The next suspect walked in and claimed he had 1 winning ticket with a 4th prize. The lottery buyer later realized all 3 tickets are fake. The victim went to file a report with the Lom Sak Police and an investigation was started. Officials discovered where each suspect was hiding, and all were arrested shortly after.


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All victims admitted that they created fake winning lottery tickets before cashing it in with the victim. A few days before the lottery draw, the suspects will buy real lottery tickets. Then when the winning numbers are announced they choose tickets with numbers close to the winning prizes. They then erase some numbers off the ticket before replacing it with numbers cut out from real tickets. They also create fake QR codes using the same method of cut and paste. This is not the first time the gang has done this; they usually choose lottery buyers who have bad eyesight. They have done this many times before up in Northern Thailand. They choose low paying prizes, so no one suspects how they have so many winning tickets.


Credit: Khaosod


FB Caption: The gang of 3 members have cashed in fake winning lottery tickets multiple times.


Source: Khaosod