Farmer makes money changing wiper blade rubbers

AS the rainy season with all its beauty also brings along a few problems one enterprising farmer in the Northeast of Thailand is actually profiting from the wet conditions by starting a roadside stall changing windscreen wiper blade rubbers, INN News said today (July 15).

Arun Wongphomi, 40, a native of Nong Khai province is a farmer who does odd jobs to make ends meet. However this rainy season he has started a small business changing wiper blade rubbers and while today his stall, which is actually a table set up at the rear of his pickup truck with a market umbrella spread above it, is on Mitra Phab Road on the way to Udon Thani province he does move from place to place always choosing locations where lots of cars pass by.

wiper two (1)

Arun said the minimum price for a pair of rubber strips is 100 baht with his service being free of charge. Each day he earns around 800 baht but when it rains heavily this climbs to 1,500 baht.

He added that he upholds the principle of economizing, saving and working hard and this has led to his family not having to face hardship and that his is an honest business which he is proud of.


Top and inset: Arun’s small roadside business is bringing in decent income this rainy season. Photo: INN News


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