Female member of call center gang arrested while otw back to Cambodia.

A Thai woman was arrested as she is a member of a scam call center gang. She was found while on the way back to Cambodia. Many scam call centers operate in Cambodia. Thai workers both intentionally and some are forced to work at the centers to scam other Thais in the country. The PCT Police arrested a 23 year old woman with evidence proving her role in a scam call center. Information shows that she is the girlfriend of an important person in the call center. Officials made the arrest on 27 August 2022. Jennisa Muangjam is wanted with an arrest warrant with charges relating to fraud and more. 



The suspect has part in an international crime group with fraudulent acts using the internet. She is also tied to money laundering and is 1 of 58 arrest warrants for scam call center members. The suspect has denied all charges and will not talk to police. Investigation shows that she was traveling back to Cambodia. The woman works backdoor meaning that she does not talk directly to the victims that are being scammed. She is also the girlfriend of the boss’s bestfriend. Because of this information, it shows that she is not just one of the victims that are forced to work in the call centers. 



The Samut Prakan Police Station issued an arrest warrant and confirms that evidence is strong against the woman. Victims have given officials information showing the woman being involved in the call center operation. Other persons with arrest warrants issued in their name also show evidence of communicating online with the suspect. Call Center gangs continue to exist and grow in Cambodia. They often change tactics or move when information of their location or personals get out. Many Thais go to work in these call centers in Cambodia. Some are forced and some go willingly in hopes of making money. 


Credit: Khaosod


FB Caption: There is evidence against the suspect proving her work in the scam call center. 


Source: Khaosod