Fierce competition seen among net providers

WHILE there is still controversy surrounding the new Computer Crime Act, major internet providers are racing to gain more clients by offering new and attractive packages which are hard to resist.

Thailand on Friday passed the controversial cyber-crime law that critics claimed strengthens the junta’s ability to police the web and squeeze criticism.

That led to a number of government webs being attacked as a gesture of protest against the law although the government denied it’s the law that would lead to the adoption of the so-called single gateway as claimed by the protestors.

For the proponents, they raised a point saying this law is to combat crime, so If you are not doing anything wrong, why do you have to worry?

Among supporters are those in the business sector.  Online and digital business leaders have welcomed the law, even though some are cautious about its enforcement.

Thailand Tech Start-up Association said the law will better protect the interests of tech start-ups and other businesses, especially those in media and generate contents whose intellectual property rights have been often violated by pirates.

Whatever will happen, Thailand will move on with its digital 4.0 plan and that means internet service will be one of the most lucrative business in the years to come.

Among the major internet providers which are now adopting a very aggressive marketing policies are none other than those in the mobile business Advance Info Service and True.

Thailand obtained internet access in 1996 as the third country in South East Asia. Since then, the use of the Internet has become more popular in the cities and also more accessible to different areas in the country.  Just to show how far the price has gone down, let’s see the picture in the past. Previously before 2002, broadband Internet access was offered at more than 25,000 baht a month for a typical speed of 256 kbit/s.

Now the picture is a stark contrast with speed being much faster at a much cheaper price.

AIS Fibre has been offering the latest shocking 100/10 Mbps (download/upload speed) via optic fiber for home use at a price of only 1,100 baht a month for new clients, 990 baht a month for existing clients and only 899 baht a month for AIS Serenade card holders.  This price came with free viewing of Hollywood movies under HOOQ brand for 12 months.

Not to be outdone by AIS Fibre, True Internet has started calling its former clients who for whatever reasons had stopped using its services, offering what they called a Thank You package.

In this package of 30/5 Mbps, clients are offered to use the internet for free for three months without any obligation together with a free viewing of football games.  After three months if clients want to sign up for the package, True will charge only 50% of the monthly price of 599 baht for six months.

Again, like AIS those eligible for the package will be clients who live in the areas where their optic fiber network covered.

TOT, also another major internet provider, has come up with a package of 30/15 Mbps at a price of 750 baht a month.


Top: A businessman holding multimedia tech devices in his hand. Photo: Arismendy Polanco

By Kowit Sanandang




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