Fortune teller and daughter arrested, 7 Million THB in damages.

A fortune teller and her daughter were arrested after charging a customer over 7 Million THB. Fortune tellers are very popular in Thailand with normal session prices starting at 100 THB to thousands depending on the popularity and fortune-telling method. Oftentimes a fortune teller will offer you a ritual that can help pull your luck up, this usually comes with a cost that can be extremely high. Samorn 48 years old and Sukanya 19 years old was arrested under the power of an arrest warrant issued by the Roi Et Court.


In 2018 Samorn also known as “Auntie Doctor” in Thai had rented a room at a market in Roi Et Province. A customer named Sukjai was walking in the market when she decided to visit Samorn for her fortune-telling. Samorn used cards and informed Sukjai that she had bad luck in her life, she will be unhappily burdened with a heavy problem. Samorn asked if Sukjai had just lost someone extremely important to her which matched up with Sukjai’s mother who recently passed away.


Samorn then offered to help pull her luck back up and she needed cash to buy offerings for the ritual. Samorn claimed that Sukjai didn’t have to be with her when the ritual was being done, instead, the fortune teller will send a picture to confirm that it has been completed as agreed. After the first payment was completed, Samorn continued calling Sukjai with more fortune warnings. Sukjai believed that she was going to lose something she loved and that someone in her family would become ill.


Credit: INN News


Samorn then stated that she could solve all of Sukjai’s bad luck. Sukjai has been suffering from depression leading her to look for hope in Samorn’s claims. Across a period of 4-6 months in 2019 Samorn had used her daughter’s bank account named Sukanya to accept the money transfer from Sukjai, the total amount Samorn managed to get from Sukjai is a shocking number of 7,285,622 THB.


The investigation discovered that Samorn and Sukanya have done this before in other areas, the damage is not as high but their intentions were clear, to rob victims by taking advantage of their weakness and sadness. There are 2 other victims in Samut Prakan province with damages of 50,000 THB and 170,000 THB. For the second victim, Samorn returned the 170k in exchange to not take the case to court.


Both suspects admitted after the arrest that it was them who received 7.2 M from Sukjai. They had used the money for gambling, online casinos, purchased 2 vehicles and renovated their home in Roi Et so all the money is now gone. The mother and daughter have been sent to the Pathumrat Police Station for prosecution.


FB Caption: Within 4-6 months Samorn managed to collect over 7.2 M from Sukjai the victim.


Source: INN News