Gold robbery in Tesco Rama II, thief runs away with 90,000 THB.

There has been a gold shop robbery at Tesco Lotus Rama II, Bangkok on 10 August 2020. A man robbed a local gold shop in the mall. The thief was wearing a black hat, black shirt, and black pants. He walked into the shop and acted as if he wanted to purchase some gold jewelry. As an employee handed over some gold, the man-made threats before grabbing hold of the gold and ran away. Police Colonel Eknarin Sukontawit from the Metropolitan Police 9 went to inspect the gold shop after the robbery took place. 


Officials collected evidence including security footage in the mall that was able to capture what the thief looked like. The man was seen wearing all black walking into the Thongbai Yaowarat gold shop. He stood in the shop and while an employee was counting money the man grabbed the cash and ran away at full speed. Sukonya an employee who was counting the money stated that another female customer was pawning her gold. They agreed on an amount of 100,000 THB. Sukonya was checking the bills when the thief grabbed the money from her hands and ran away. He managed to get away with 90,000 THB. 


The security camera revealed the thief running out before making a turn behind the store. He then ran up the escalator in reverse as the elevator was actually going down and continued running on the 2nd floor. Officials reported that witnesses to the robbery saw the man walking around the mall since the morning. A witness revealed that the man seemed like he didn’t plan the robbery. He saw the employee while she was counting a stack of cash and couldn’t resist the urge to run and grab it. After getting onto the second floor he returned to the first floor and ran out of the mall. It is unknown to what vehicle he was driving but officials are continuing the investigation to arrest the gold thief. 


Credit: INN News


FB Caption: He saw the employee while she was counting a stack of cash and couldn’t resist the urge to run and grab it. 


Source: INN News