Gold robbery using fake gun now arrested.

A gold robbery took place in Pattani Province and the robber got away with 13 baht of gold. The suspect later reveals he is addicted to online gambling and the robbery was done solo with no help. The robber planned everything within one day and used a fake gun to commit the crime. Anantachai Wanjanhom 42 year old robbed a gold shop located inside a local mall in the province on 18 April 2022. The thief managed to get 13 baht of gold and ran away. The suspect was arrested on the 20th in Songkhla Province. 



Pattani Police arrested the man who showed officials 5 gold shops that he went to after committing the crime. Anantachai took 5 gold chains to 5 different gold shops in an attempt to sell and switch the gold. He managed to sell some and exchanged 2 for different gold chains. The suspect made around 200,000 THB. He used a part of this money to buy a gold amulet frame. After the man was arrested police were able to retrieve all of the gold that was sold back. 



Officials then searched a home in Pattani and discovered a Honda Wave motorbike with a Yala Province license plate. This is the vehicle used to escape after committing the crime. They also found a black bag and a shirt which the suspect wore on the date. He was also wearing sunglasses and a cap but the suspect claims he lost after running away from the crime scene. The suspect admitted the gun was fake and was simply a toy gun. At first, the suspect would not reveal why he decided to rob a gold shop but later admitted he is addicted to online gambling. The robber chose the gold shop and planned for one day before committing the crime. 


Credit: Khaosod


FB Caption: The suspect went to 5 gold shops after committing the crime and sold the gold. 


Source: Khaosod