Illegal casino in Narathiwat, 388M THB monthly cash flow.

An illegal casino has been discovered in Narathiwat Province with a monthly cash flow of over 388 Million THB. Officials from the Crime Suppression Division (CSD) arrested 16 gamblers Thai and Burmese at an illegal casino in Sungai-Kolok. The illegal casino has been operating in an apartment with many casino games to choose from. Officials received information about a location being used as a casino in the area. An investigation was started, evidence has been collected before submitted to the court leading to a search warrant. 


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Officials went to inspect the suspected room in an apartment and arrested 16 gamblers on the spot. Most of the suspects are illegal workers who entered Thailand illegally. Officials were able to seize evidence in the search including Malaysian Ringgit money, Thai Baht money, gold, baccarat tables, playing cards, live streaming equipment, laptops, casino chips, accounting documents, bank books, personal smartphones, and more. The 16 suspects have been delivered to the Ngai Kolok Police Station.  The main income of the illegal casino comes in through online gambling where gamblers from all over Thailand come in to play via live streaming with the belief that one day they will become the lucky millionaire. 


Credit: INN news


The illegal casino requires a password to enter and there are security cameras all around the area. There are guards carefully watching everyone who enters and leaves. Thai suspects state that the illegal casino belongs to a Malaysian boss known as 8KG. The casino has a monthly cash flow of 388 Million THB. 2 Thai suspects arrested inside the casino reveals that they are responsible for the system used in online baccarat. There is a group of employees dedicated to finding new gamblers for the casino. The baccarat is live-streamed online and employees will keep track of those who come into the casino system every day. 


Credit: INN news


FB Caption: The illegal casino has a lot of loyal customers who join in through live streaming every day. 


Source: INN News