Kasikorn Bank shakes hands with LINE.

Kasikorn Bank or KBank and Line are shaking hands together and have set up a new company “Kasikorn Line Co., LTD”. Where together they will work on creating a brand new banking service system that will allow 44 million users of LINE to have an easier access to their financial accounts and other banking services. The new company plans to release new financial services and products around mid-year 2019.



Credit: brandinside.asia

Credit: brandinside.asia


LINE has fully entered into the Financial Service market, where LINE Financial Asia has started a financial business in Japan and owns shares in other Asian countries such as Indonesia and Taiwan where the new project with Kbank is the latest step that LINE has made to enter into the financial market of Thailand.


The application “LINE” currently has over 44 million users in Thailand while “KPLUS” the online financial application for Kasikorn Bank has over 15 million users. Both of these companies realize the potential to work together as one company “KASIKORN LINE Co., LTD”.




The company believes that together they will establish a new style of financial services in Thailand that can be accessed easily by everyone through their phones. Where the new millennial lifestyle allows customers to have access to the internet and their phones at all times. As a brand new way of changing the game in Thailand’s Banking market called “Social Banking”.


Social Banking will allow Line to be an application that can be used for everything. Where the basis of business will be customer first then financial additions later. The main concept is for every financial transaction to be extremely easy and convenient. Including easy registration, easy to send and receive money, and to allow customers to conveniently apply for personal loans through the application.


FB Caption: Social Banking will allow LINE to be an application that can be used for everything.


Source: MThai, Brandinside Asia