Lottery winner got lucky number from her dream.

A lucky market vendor has won the latest Thai government lottery draw on 16 August 2020. She received the lucky number from an old woman in her dream. The woman was wearing a white dress and placed 2 coins into the winner’s hands, she bought a ticket with the number 11, each 1 is for each coin and won the lottery pocketing 6 Million THB. The winner sells fish balls and grilled squid at markets in Phetchabun Province. The Sanook News Team visited Nongnuch 52 years old the winner’s grandmother at a home in Moo 18, Srithep District on the 17th. 


Yaowalak known as Jung 30-year-old the winner was out of town on her way to the Government Lottery Office to cash in the ticket. The granny and grandaughter work together selling grilled squid and fish balls at different markets in the area. On the 16th, they were at the Ingna Market in Wang Khon Village. While they were working as usual another seller at the market started talking about the winning numbers and stated that the grand prize was 945811. Jung remembered she had purchased a ticket from when her mother was visiting. She checked the ticket and realized it was a grand prize ticket. 


Nongnuch stayed calm and told Jung to write her name onto the back of the ticket as security but her granddaughter was so excited and shocked her hands were shaking too much. Jung couldn’t write her name and seemed like she was going to faint. Nongnuch then told Jung to hold the ticket next to her face and took a picture as proof. The market vendors gave away the remaining fish balls and squid to people in the market and hurried home. The grandmother revealed that Jung told her the other day about a dream. An old woman was in her dream and Nongnuch believes this is her great grandmother who died a long time ago. 


Credit: Sanook


The old woman asked Jung in her dream “Do you want a lucky number? If so close your eyes and put your hands out”. Jung did as told and was given 2, 1 baht coins. Nongnuch knew exactly what this meant and told Jung to buy lottery tickets with the numbers 211. Jung couldn’t find any tickets with that number but ended up buying a ticket with 811. Jung revealed to the grandmother that a part of the winnings would be donated to help build a local temple. 


FB Caption: Her great grandmother came into her dream and asked “Do you want a lucky number?”. 


Source: Sanook