Lucky winners from latest Government lottery draw.

There are many brand-new millionaires in Thailand from the latest Government lottery draw on 16 February 2021. The first winner is a girl from Nakhon Phanom Province with 2 winning tickets bringing in 12 Million THB. The INN News Team received notification about a girl with big win from the latest lottery draw. The girl works as an employee in a local convenient store, the owner and customers are all delighted for the lucky girl. Waraporn Vijitthawonkul 49-year-old the owner of Nong Mai Convenient store stated Toi is the winner. Supaporn Sisrikamut 20-year-old arrived at the store to pick up her winning tickets before visiting the police station to file a report. Toi received 300 THB per day to take care of her 2 children.


Credit: Sanook


Toi borrowed 400 THB from the owner to purchase lottery tickets. She purchased 4 tickets for 360 THB. The winner went to a temple on her birthday last month and a monk stated she has good luck coming her way. Toi did not believe this until a few days before buying the tickets she dreamed of an old man. This man wrote the numbers 03 and 13 on a piece of paper for her. The next winner is a car saleswoman from Nakhon Nayok. Meenaporn Suwankulpaisarn 31-year-old went to file a report at the Ongkharak Police Station. The lucky winner had previously won the Miss Queen Nakhon Nayok beauty pageant. The ticket seller Arirat Thongbai a lottery seller who lives nearby posted lottery tickets for sale. Meenaporn purchased a total of 7 tickets and left them with Arirat the seller.


Credit: INN News


After lottery draw results came out Arirat called Meenaporn informing her that she had just become a new millionaire with 2 winning tickets bringing in 12 Million THB. The winning number for this lottery draw is 424603. The winner and the lottery seller came to file a police report as evidence together. Arirat stated to Sanook News that she checked the tickets and saw 2 winning tickets. These tickets had been purchased by the car saleswoman. She called the customer and went to meet her with the tickets. The seller is happy for the customer and hopes she sells more winning tickets in the future.


Credit: Sanook


FB Caption: The lottery ticket seller called Meenaporn that she had just won 12 Million THB.


Source: INN News, Sanook News