Marriage gone wrong. Woman loses 5.7M to fake groom.

A woman married a man and ended up divorcing him soon after the wedding. Starting from the time they met, married, and got divorced was only 8 months. As soon as they got married, she was lied to about the wedding and ended up having to pay 5.7 Million THB out of her own money, which she now is in debt from. The groom had lied to her about being a multi-millionaire, the main point to why she said yes to the ring.


Credit: Kapook
Credit: Kapook


Miss A (a fictional name) 30 years old was lied to by B claiming he had over 20,000 Million THB in his name. Ten asked Miss A and from the facts, she was told, Miss A agreed to marry him and spend their life together. They planned the wedding in a fancy hotel that later turned into a large source of debt.


Miss A met B on 15 march 2019 at a restaurant, after meeting each other for the first time, one day after B proposed to A and she said yes. Together they went to register the marriage on 26 March 2019 and had the wedding at the fancy hotel located in Buriram Province on 10 May 2019. The wedding cost over 3 Million THB and there was a dowry payment of 1.6 Million THB. After the wedding the husband disappeared and the hotel had to come to claim the wedding costs from the wife. The 1.6 Million also disappeared after the wedding ended.


Credit: Kapook
Credit: Kapook


The costs are broken into the following,

  1. Wedding Organizer 2.6 Million THB
  2. Hotel Venue 380,000 THB
  3. Wedding music band 120,000 THB
  4. Wedding Drinks 50,000 THB
  5. Wedding Dress 52,000 THB
  6. Bridesmaids Dresses 35,000 THB
  7. 1.6 Million THB Check.
  8. Gold Sale contract worth 860,000 THB


The wedding organizer asked Miss A to pay the wedding fees because she didn’t have enough money Miss A was able to pay only 700,000 THB. While planning the wedding, Miss A kept asking B to pay the bills, B always brushed it off and told Miss A he would pay everything on 9 September 2019. Miss B started to become afraid that her family would have to find the money for the wedding costs.


Credit: Kapook
Credit: Kapook


This is a summary of the timeline of the events that took place between Miss A and B.

First contact:               15 March 2019

Marriage Proposal:      16 March 2019

Marriage Registration: 26 March 2019

Wedding Day:               10 May 2019

Divorce Date:               1 October 2019


From investigation, B has turned out to be a serial liar. His past lies include claiming that he is the right man of Thaksin Shinawatra. This is not his first time lying to get money from others. His true profession is a mushroom seller at Lamlukka Market in Pathumthani Province. B will tell others that he is a multi-million THB businessman. He claims that he is a business consultant and also owns a private jet company. B has pictures of private jets and also pictures of him sitting in a private jet. He will dress in nice clothes and pose by expensive sports cars to support his claims.


Credit: Kapook
Credit: Kapook


FB Caption:  This is not his first time lying to get money from others. His true profession is a mushroom seller at Lamlukka Market in Pathumthani Province.


Source: Kapook, One 31, Amarin 34 HD, Facebook Page: return.v13