Money transferred out of account while charging phone.

A man was extremely confused when money was transferred out of his account while his phone was charging. The victim confirms he has never downloaded strange apps or pressed any links. A report was filed with the police who were also confused as they didn’t know what to start the investigation on. The amount that was transferred out emptied his account. A Facebook user posted his story online. He has seen warnings online about strange links that will expose your information giving bad people access into your bank account. There are other methods scammers will use to get your personal information such as scam calls, scam messages, scam websites, strange apps and more. The victim confirms none of this is his case. No one has called him, there have been no strange messages, and no links were pressed. 



The reason he is so confident is because the phone is not his main phone and is designated to play ROV, an online player versus player game. His main phone is an iPhone and this phone is an android phone. When he plugged in the phone it turned on and off as usual. Not long after a message came in from the bank stating there had been a money transfer. The victim went to file a report with the police but they were also confused. The victim also stated this is a sign of bad luck for him as 2023 had just started. The amount that was transferred out of his account is 101, 560 THB. This is not a small amount of money and the victim stated he wouldn’t just randomly transfer such an amount to anyone.



Every time you transfer money out of an online application in Thailand, there is an online slip that is automatically saved into your phone as an image. When the money went out no picture was saved and he only found out from the message. The transfer was made at 11.52 and the phone was charging while the victim was using a computer. He lives alone so it is not possible that someone he knows accessed his phone during this time. Also, only he knows the password to enter online banking. On the same day he did not receive even a single phone call on the phone. The bank has not  helped much as they kept asking if he pressed a strange link. The bank will not help find the IP address or IMEI number that was used to make the transfer, stating it is the police’s job. This is strange as the bank should have all information related to the transaction on their system for security reasons. 


Credit: Khaosod


FB Caption: The bank has no answers to how his money was transferred out of his account or to where it went. 

Source: Khaosod