Mother and daughter return grand prize lottery ticket.

A mother and daughter found a winning lottery ticket on the ground and decided to search for the rightful owner. They found the ticket in front of a convenient store in Udon Thani Province and decided to hand it to the store manager in case the owner came looking for the ticket. The ticket was found on 15 March 2020 and the draw was on the 16th. The manager realized that the ticket was a winning ticket with a grand prize of 6 Million THB, he handed the ticket over to the Naka Police along and filed a report as evidence.


Credit: Khaosod


Police Major General Nanthachat Supamongkol from the Udon Thani Police Station interviewed the 3 persons who helped return the ticket 1. Jenlapak Wechkama 26 years old the manager of the store, 2. Mayula Summalee 46 years old the mother, and 3. Rattanaporn Summalee 10 years old the daughter.  Officials applaud all 3 for being good honest people with plans to give them good citizens rewards after the case ends.


Credit: Khaosod


When Jenlapak was asked why didn’t he just keep the ticket and cash the prize, he revealed that when he realized that this was a winning ticket he called the legal department and his boss for advice. He then went to hand the ticket over to the police along with filing a report as evidence for when the true owner came to retrieve the ticket. The store manager stated “Even if the ticket is worth 6 Million THB, I never once had the idea to keep it for myself. I felt sorry for the true owner who must be extremely worried. Another reason is that I’m used to handling a lot of money in my job. I don’t feel like I want the money that I hold, because it’s just not mine”.


Credit: Khaosod


The mother and daughter stated that they didn’t want to keep the ticket because they felt like it was probably illegal, even though the ticket was pretty much worthless before the winning numbers were announced a day later. The police have a good idea of who the true rightful owner might be. Officials are collecting all the evidence as fast as they can so the case won’t develop into a long war game between individuals claiming that the ticket is theirs like other cases that went on for years in other provinces. Pol.Maj.Gen. Nanthachat sends a message to the multiple people that came in to file reports with the police claiming that they are the true owners of the winning ticket that they could be prosecuted for what they have done.


FB Caption: A mother and daughter handed the ticket to a convenient store manager. The manager then handed the ticket to the police after realizing that it was a winning ticket worth 6 Million THB.


Source: Khaosod