Movie2free website owner and Admin arrested

Police Colonel Paisit Wongmueng from the Department of Special Investigation (DSI) reported the arrest of suspects in connection with Thailand’s biggest free movie website and one of the biggest free movie websites in the world, movie2free.


The DSI has been investigating on the website for a while. Finally, they discovered information that leads to the owner and admin of the website. The owner is 30 years old and used to live abroad. The admin is 22 years old and is from the North of Thailand. Officials searched the admin’s home in early November 2019. When they entered the home the admin was working in front of a computer with movie2free running. As a result, the website has been shut down.


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Officials are collecting evidence against the 2 suspects and related persons connected to the website in terms of criminal law and in terms of tax. The website operates in a large network that uses advanced technology that makes it extremely hard for officials to track down the people behind the operation. The Host computer is not in Thailand and is covered by 2 fake host computers to hide the real location of the original host computer.


Movie2free earned income mainly from online gambling website advertisements. This is from the banners found on the web page by the movies and video advertisements played before a user can watch the movie. There are about 25 online gambling websites that use movie2free services while the website makes about 5 million THB per month.


Credit: Khaosod
Credit: Khaosod


The website opened for business in 2014. The statistics for the website this year (2019) show that about 800,000 to 900,000 IP addresses enter the website per day, bringing in about 10 million views every day. Movie2free is the most popular free movie website in Thailand providing movies that are still in theatres along with Hollywood movies and Thai movies in full HD.


FB Caption: Movie2free makes about 5 million THB per day from online gambling website advertisements.


Source: Khaosod