New Romance Scam with fake investment opportunities.

The Department of Special Investigation (DSI) posted a warning online on romance scams with interesting investment opportunities. The scammers normally have a foreigner profile on dating apps and apps dedicated to meeting new friends. The profiles use good-looking pictures both male and female. After talking for a while, the user will reveal they are a business person but Covid-19 has affected their business. As a new way of finding income, the user has started investing in the stock market and cryptocurrency. The user will then send you their stock portfolio showing a lot of profit. This is intended to persuade you, pulling in to their plan on how to become a rich person. 


Credit: INN News


The user then sends an investment link that takes you to a website or an app. The application is usually not registered. The victims will start to believe the investment opportunity is real based on the impressive story, the stock portfolio, and the dream of becoming successful through easy opportunity. The scammers usually claim they know a shortcut in making profits from investments without having to take the risks as other investors in the real world. If the victim believes the advice then they too will have money to spend. This is when the scammer presents victims with 2 options of investments to choose from, 1. To transfer money into a Thai account or 2. To convert the money into USDT cryptocurrency on Binance or Huobi and send it to a given address. 


During the first few investments, the scammer will actually give the victim profit. This draws a successful future for even higher investments. Then the platform will start to have a problem, mainly claiming the victim has been making too much profit, therefore they need to pay tax. Another problem is that the platform will claim the victim is involved in money laundering. In order to solve this issue, funds need to be sent in order to prove the victim is truly investing. There will be more problems after the first transaction, the victim will keep sending money that they will never receive back. The scam starts with meeting a good looking successful business person and a too good to be true investment opportunity that will end up taking everything from you. 


Credit: INN News


FB Caption: This is a too good to be true investment opportunity that will end up taking everything from you. 


Source: INN News