Passenger accidentally transfers 250,000 THB to taxi driver.

A passenger accidentally transfered over 250,000 THB into  taxi driver’s account. The ride cost was only 253 THB but he quickly put the number in to transfer the money. The taxi driver is a good civilian and transferred back the money to the passenger. The local 91 radio station helped connect the two and the passenger received his money back without any issues. Sakarin Unprasert 48 years old contacted the number 1644 on 21 October 2022. The incident occurred on the 20th at 20.00. Sakarin could not remember well but he knew he got on a taxi, and it cost 253 THB. He chose to transfer money into the driver’s bank account as the payment form. 



The passenger quickly transferred the money and showed the receipt to the driver before leaving the vehicle. He went to bed as usual and woke up to check his bank app. This is when he realized over 200,000 THB was missing from the account. He looked at the history and realized he had transferred 253,303 THB to the taxi driver. The name of the driver’s account was Thanasorn Thongdee. The local FM91 station checked their history is the driver’s name has ever contacted them before. Turns out he has called in to help return items forgotten in his taxi in the past many times. 



The latest return was cash left behind by a foreigner and inside was both THB and USD bills. The station contacted Thanasorn successfully. Sakarin was extremely happy to hear that Thanasorn was so easy to contact. The money will be used for Sakarin’s mother medical bills as she was in an accident. Thanasorn stated he didn’t check his bank account but went into check the app after the station contacted him. This is when he realized the big mistake made by the passenger. The driver stated he would’ve gone to contact the bank anyways when he realized of the wrong transfer. 


Credit: Khaosod


FB Caption: The taxi driver has returned forgotten goods many times before. 


Source: Khaosod