Pay day chaos as some banking systems crash

THERE was turmoil among employees since early this pay day morning (August 31, 2018) with the banking systems of 3 banks having crashed, but they have informed their clients and are rushing to fixed the faults, Thai News Agency reported.

With Internet and mobile banking functions not working, this halted the transfers of money. However  some of the banks informed their clients of the problem by Twitter, but others in other ways.

Kasikornbank said some parts of its system are not working, and this might inconvenience clients in carrying out some transactions and transfers, especially to other banks. The bank added that it knows of this problem and is quickly resolving it.

bank 4

Thanachart Bank said that it is temporarily closing the Thanachart Connect System because it had been hit with problems but customers could use iNet and ATM normally.

Bank of Ayudhya told clients that its KMA and Internet banking functions have temporarily developed problems and it is quickly resolving them.


Top, in-text and below: Messages that banks posted to inform their clients of malfunctioning systems.  Photos: Thai News Agency

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