Pig farmers lobby against import of US pork

THE Thai Swine Raisers Association today (July 13) submitted a letter to the Commerce Ministry to not allow the import of US pork into this country as Thai pig farmers would be affected by plunging prices, INN News said.

Surachai Suthitham, president of Thai Swine Raisers Association, tackled the push by US President Donald Trump’s administration to correct the American trade deficit by persuading Thailand to allow the import of American pork by submitting a letter on this issue to the Commerce Ministry with Narong Pholphiphat, deputy director-general of the Department of Trade Negotiations, receiving it.

The association says it objects to the import of US pork because members have found out that Americans use chemicals to make the meat redder and these chemicals should not be allowed to be used.

Moreover Thai pork industry has made progress where hygiene and the standard of the product is concerned and it is able to meet the requirements within Thailand with the surplus being 4-5% a year.

The association warned that allowing the import of American pork would repeat what happened in Vietnam where prices plunged very low and it would like the Commerce Ministry to confirm that this import will be blocked.

Today over 15 million pigs are being raised in Thailand and the price of live pigs at the farm gate is 55-58 baht a kilogram while the cost is 60 baht a kilogram but farmers are able to survive by making a big effort to do so.


Top: Surachai Suthitham, president of Thai Swine Raisers Association, talking to the press today. Photo: INN News


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