Publicity drive on Phuket light rail project

THE Mass Transit Authority of Thailand (MRTA) yesterday (Oct 11, 2018) launched a publicity drive to draw attention to the planned public-private light rail project in Phuket, the Thai-language daily Matichon reported.

Miss Chitha Watnapradit, MRAT’s director of corporate communications, and other executives held talks yesterday afternoon on launching a public relations campaign on this project so that the whole country gets to know about it and some feedback comes through.

This light rail project is divided into 2 phases with the first one running from Phuket International Airport to Chalong Circle, a distance of 42 kilometers.

The second phase runs from the intersection of route 402 and route 4026 near the airport to Tha Noon in Phang Nga province, a distance of 16.5 kilometers.

There will be 24 stations with one each overhead and underground. While the line will mainly run at ground level, some parts will either go underground or move overhead.

This project is currently being scrutinized to prepare a report according to the law on public-private investment. Construction is expected to start in 2020 and be completed in 2023.


Artist’s impression and map of Phuket light rail project from (Phuket 9 Real Estate Development)

Phuket light rail map (1)