Save Money by Considering an Office Renovation Instead of Relocating

The need to save money wherever possible is critical in today’s uncertain business environment. When realising the reality that your company needs to expand its office space to keep up with the growth in business, you need to make a decision between relocating or an office renovation.

You should undertake a detailed financial analysis of both options to be able to make a decision which one makes the most fiscal sense. But money shouldn’t be the only criteria in your decision.

Often, an office renovation makes more sense from the standpoint of less disruption to your company’s workflow, which could end up costing more than you’re saving on the choice you’ve made. A carefully planned renovation can take place without significantly impacting office personnel, traffic flow or company work processes. But careful, strategic planning is key to a successful office renovation.

 Initial Phase is All About Planning

You should appoint a project management consultant to handle your office renovation. The consultant will ascertain whether the renovation is feasible as the first step in the process, and help organise the project if it is. Hiring a project management consultant with demonstrated expertise and experience in exactly the type of project that your company is undertaking is crucial.

There are many unseen facets of an office renovation to be considered other than the finished design and construction of the office. You want to hire a project management consultant that has the necessary qualifications so they can be responsible for the project’s success.

They will obtain all permits and permissions needed and provide due diligence as part of their role. They’ll also create the timelines and ensure that the design being planned fits the requirements of the business needs.

 Putting the Renovation Team Together

The second phase of the renovation is identifying all the additional consultants and trades needed to complete the project. A tender process is usually the way to go about hiring these additional elements of the renovation project, particularly in larger and more complex renovations.

 Designing the Renovation

The project manager will work with the appointed trade consultants and the interior designer to finalise all aspects of the design. They will ensure that all aspects of the client’s requirements have been satisfied within the design.

The design phase includes a series of meetings and interviews with all of the trades involved to collect input specific to each trade, such as electrical, plumbing, HVAC, and general construction. Each trade must be on the same page when the actual physical work starts.

 Creating an Effective Office Environment

The abilities of the project management consultant to coordinate the various separate elements of construction into a seamless entity that carries out the specifications of the design perfectly is vital. It’s these abilities that guarantee your company of an effective and efficient office renovation. With careful planning and execution using an experienced project management consultant, your company will enjoy a business environment that will serve your company well for years to come.


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