Singaporean man arrested, forging visa documents

The Immigration Police arrested a Singaporean man who has forged documents used for visa extensions several times. Police Lieutenant General Sompong Chingduang from the Immigration Police reported the arrest of Im Han David 26 years old from Singapore. David had previously worked at the Embassy of the Republic of Singapore in Thailand. He has been caught forging Visa documents and was arrested at a local hotel in Chiang Rai province.


The Immigration Police received documents for a visa extension, the documents provided information that David needed the extension to continue working at the embassy. Officials noticed that there were a lot of things “off” about the documents, so they sent these documents over to the issuer’s office and received confirmation that the documents were forged. David’s visa was revoked along with filing a police report at the Thung Song Hong Police Station in Bangkok. The investigation then revealed where he was hiding.


David did in fact work at the Singapore Embassy for 1 year as a normal employee. He entered Thailand in 2015 with a valid visa. Then when he stopped working for the embassy David continued to forge documents used in the extension of his Visa several times. He has also forged documents used in credit card applications. The money from the credit cards was then used to invest in stocks.


Credit: Khaosod


David has over 700,000 THB in credit card debt and about 1 Million THB invested in stocks. Officials also found documents that suggest David has forged documents for others. The suspect has admitted to forging documents and officials are investigating other related crimes. The forged papers are extremely close to the authentic documents, only the dates, and the signatures were off. Another mistake is that David applied for a 90-day visa extension while normally those working in embassies will apply through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs with an extended duration of 1 year. David has been sent to the Thung Song Hong Police Station waiting for prosecution.


FB Caption: David has forged documents for his Visa extensions and credit card applications several times.


Source: Khaosod