Singmall players seek help, over 7M THB damages.

A group of Singmall players went to file a report at the Consumer Protection Police Division. Ronnarong Kaewpetch a lawyer and head of the Statement of Social Justice Reclaim Network along with 4 victims went to file a complaint to Police Major General Nattasak Chanasai after they lost money to a money game website. This is a website named “Singmall” advertised to players online by Youtubers in Thailand. Followers of these online celebrities were invited to play the money game claiming that it is not considered as online gambling. Users can play by opening accounts on the website starting from 10,000 THB. The problem started when the Singmall website suddenly shut down. Currently, there are 278 victims with over 7 Million THB in damages.


Paepae representing other victims stated that she heard about through online celebrities, this includes at least 3 Net idols and Youtubers in Thailand. The advertisement included invitations to Singmall, a spin-the-wheel lucky money game where you can win big prizes worth 30% more than the money bet on each round. There are many packages to choose from online starting from small packages for those who just want to try the game to big packages for big players. The prizes are extremely luring and if the users aren’t happy with the win then they can even sell the item and receive money-back in 90 days. Users are also paid a commission for bringing in new players to Singmall.


Lawyer Ronnarong stated that a Youtuber had uploaded a video spinning the lucky wheel on Youtube. This person had claimed to take full responsibility but did not show up. The website is considered as a Ponzi Scheme with an interest rate higher than the legal limit. Ronnarong believes that this is not the first time that those behind have been involved in similar schemes. He will be filing a case for fraud against all those involved along with other related charges. Pol.Maj.Gen. Nattasak stated that the behaviors shown so far, especially shutting the website down are fraudulent acts during times of Covid-19. Those suspected to be connected to Singmall will be interrogated within next week.



FB Caption: Singmall is a spin-the-wheel lucky money game, At least 3 Youtubers have advertised the website online claiming that it is not considered as online gambling.


Source: Sanook