The Best Trading Apps From Brokers In Europe

Today’s top online brokers provide specific mobile trading applications. The finest trading applications often work with both iOS and Android smartphones and let you buy and sell financial assets at the press of a button. Choosing a trading program that satisfies your unique objectives, however, necessitates extensive research. Numerous smartphone applications that trade stocks are available. We offer information about the top trading choices as well as the top programs to help you save time.


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Mobile Trader

Mobile Trader: Online Trading is a full-featured mobile trading station suitable for clients of all experience levels. The platform provides access to mobile trading with a recognized online broker with over 20 prestigious awards from financial industry experts. Get more control over your trades and coins: add cash, win bonuses, and review your trading history.


Main functions:


  • Online charts and quotes, updates in real-time;
  • 14 trading indicators and all necessary tools for graphical analysis;
  • Built-in platform for copy trading;
  • Secure account top-up within the program.


Mobile Trader by Roboforex is fully optimized to work on any mobile device, from smartphones to tablets. The possibilities of using the program are practically limitless: from trading more than 100 financial instruments to monitoring the current state of the global economy.

Many traders with little to no expertise in the financial markets use the trading app In reality, completing a brief registration process is all that is required to begin trading without risk with a sample account. The demo account mirrors actual market circumstances, making it an excellent opportunity to get practical experience without risking any of your own money. You just need to make a $20 minimum deposit when you’re ready to trade with real money.


This highly regarded software offers a free trial account, a very cheap minimum deposit, and a ton of instructional resources in addition to those features. This includes anything from video trade forex advice to full-fledged instructional software. It goes under the name of investment and is available independently of’s primary trading app. The experts at this business created the trading platform specifically with beginners in mind. Finding the best market and putting buy/sell orders is thus a relatively straightforward process.

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Libertex stands out from other brokers since it only deals in CFD contracts. You won’t be able to invest in assets the conventional way as a result. In exchange, you will make predictions about the asset’s future price without actually owning it, which offers several benefits when utilizing the Libertex trading program. For instance, Libertex enables spread-free purchases and sales of financial products. Each transaction has a very low commission rate; for example, buying or selling the major asset classes will only cost you less than 0.1%.

Quantum AI

One of the top trading and investment applications available is called Quantum AI. It analyzes different market prices using the first quantum computer technology ever created. Normally a person would have to perform this, but quantum AI can complete it far more quickly. In fact, it can scan and examine a large number of assets per second. It creates a list of highly suggested assets that you may profit from based on this data.