Thrifty parents getting uniforms altered for new school year

LOTS of cash-strapped parents are opting to alter uniforms rather than buy new sets for the new school year opening in the middle of this month, the Thai-language daily Matichon reported today (May 9).

Mr Boonlert Nilrat, a tailor in the Mueang district of central Chai Nat province, said lots of clients are flocking to his shop to get school uniforms altered, with his business usually trebling when the new school year nears.

Parents who are trying to save money, many because prices of some agricultural products are currently low, are bringing in uniforms, some to make them a bit bigger, others to change the zip, with a few wanting hand-me-down uniforms they got from their relatives refitted.

To help the parents, Boonlert does not charge a lot for his work, stitching up a ripped seam costs 10 baht, stitching a tear 20 baht and refitting and changing the zip 30 baht.

The queue to get alterations done is so long he has to take work home and work there till midnight.


Top: Boonlert altering a school shirt at his shop. Photo: Matichon