Tourist arrivals soar by 1.92%

FOREIGN tourist arrivals from January 1 till April 17 this year totaled 10.73 million people, up 1.92% from the same period last year when 10.52 million people holidayed here, Matichon daily newspaper said today (April 19).

Pongpanu Svetarundra, Permanent Secretary of Ministry of Tourism and Sports, was quoted as saying that revenue from foreign tourists during this period reach 559 billion baht, up 4.21% from same period last year where the total was 537 billion baht.

The total number for foreign tourist arrivals during the first 17 days of this month reached 1.53 million people, up 3.13%, and the revenue they brought in totaling 77.7 billion baht, up 6.29%.

The growth during the first two weeks of this month is quite significant when compared to last month.

Mr Pongpanu added that the key factor to keep an eye on is the tension on the Korean peninsular but he believes this won’t affect tourism here. However both his ministry and Thai tourism bodies are closely monitoring the situation.


Top: A western couple enjoying a stroll on a Phuket beach. Photo: Jeff~ (CC-BY-2.0)




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