TV channels are losing its views

Lately, there has been a drop in views of all Thai TV channels during the live broadcast. It is estimated that watchers are all turning their eyes to other options for media entertainment. Mainly in Thailand, because the views have slowly declined, TV channels and other media creators have made their content available online through multiple outlets including their own website, Youtube, Netflix, and other online streaming software.


TV ratings have slowly declined consistently, reaching the lowest point of the week. The drops in views are clearly seen especially during the prime time of television broadcasting. This is the time after 8 pm which is the time when most viewers have reached home from work, therefore the highlighted shows are normally aired during this time. Channel 7, Mono, Channel 3, One, and Workpoint have all met the same unfortunate fortune of ratings declining consistently.


For Channel 7, it is the lakorn (Soap opera) ratings on the first of November that was at 3.1, although the ratings have touched the number 3 before, it has never gone as low as 3.1 ever in the history of a show during this period of time of the day.


After searching for what the main reason was, the directors found out that a certain group of viewers are no more in the system of TV watchers, as they now are streaming through online websites and software. Where Channels 7 only official streaming source “Bugaboo” has over 700,000 views on the first episode of the show that aired on November 1st.


Photo credit: paul_irish on / CC BY
Photo credit: paul_irish on / CC BY


The summary of the story is that the viewers have not stopped watching Television, but simply changed their platform of viewing the shows. Streaming websites and Softwares allow the viewers to watch TV shows at any time of the day, with high definition and no interruptions from the satellite signal. Most importantly, the advertisements are not as long, and are often skippable after a certain period of time, unlike on TV, where advertisements can take up as much time as the shows themselves. 


Furthermore, DAAT has estimated through their research that marketing advertisements done through online platforms will grow to over 30% of the income from advertisements in 2015, where the growth of TV advertisement is estimated to only grow 2%. This number represents the possibility of growth through online streaming as viewers have a higher potential of changing their platforms of viewing the show, rather than remaining on live TV broadcasting.


FB Caption: Netflix and other online sources are taking over the game.


Source: Positioning Magazine