Voice TV lays off second batch of workers

VOICE TV laid off a second batch of 127 workers yesterday (Dec. 22) and paid them full compensation according to the labor law amid a warning that bigger television staff cuts are looming in the New Year, Thai News Agency reported today (Dec. 23).

Executives of Voice TV, or Channel 21, called the workers to a meeting where an explanation about the channel’s business situation which necessitated the redundancies was given.

A few hours later laid off workers started leaving the building with their personal belongings, most looking sad and some even crying.

Voice TV gave full severance pay with the minimum being 1 month and the maximum 10 months plus 1 additional month in lieu of not giving advance notice. Workers also got a bonus as an encouragement.

Reporters said most of those laid off were from the television content production department, with this being a major restructuring to mainly focus online.

In February last year Voice TV had laid off the first batch of workers, totaling 57, as cost and losses piled up.

Suvit Mingmol, MCOT Plc labor union president, said in his capacity as the founder of the Office of the National Broadcasting and Telecommunications Commission’s audit unit that the bubble in the television business has so far led to over 2,000 workers being laid.

He expects to get a list of over 5,000 workers to be made redundant in the New Year.

He added that he has sent a letter to the Prime Minister’s Media Reform Commission and other agencies to amend the law governing the National Broadcasting and Telecommunications Commission to match current situation and technology.


Top: The Voice TV building. Photo: Thai News Agency