Waitress wins 12 M lottery, random by luck.

A waitress won 12 Million THB in the Thai Government lottery purely by luck after she couldn’t a ticket with her license plate number. At first, she knew the exact number that she wanted to buy, but there were no tickets with the number so the seller gave her a random ticket. The lucky woman was shocked when she realized the big win, but she insists to continue living a normal lifestyle. The Thai Government Lottery draw on 16 March 2020 has a winning number of 503446.


The Khaosod News team received a notification on 17 March 2020 that there was someone who won the lottery in the latest draw with 2 winning tickets bringing in 12 Million THB into her pocket. The woman was a waitress from Ban Sabah Village in Lampang Province. The winner is Ladda 50 years old, a waitress at a local restaurant in the main city of Lampang. Ladda revealed that one day before the official draw date she was working as usual in the restaurant. A lottery seller came in and offered to sell her lottery tickets.


At first, Ladda tried to find a ticket with numbers from her license plate. The seller saw that Ladda couldn’t find the tickets she wanted and handed her 2 tickets with the number 446. 1 winning ticket in the Thai government lottery has a grand prize of 6 Million THB, with 2 winning tickets Ladda will be receiving 12 Million THB, enough to provide a comfortable life.


Credit: Khaosod


After the lottery draw was done and the numbers were announced Ladda realized that she had 2 tickets and started to look if she won any prizes. The big winner was shocked as she was holding the winning tickets. Co-workers and neighbors came to congratulate Ladda when they heard the big news. Ladda stated that she will be using the money to pay off her debt and the rest will be kept in the bank. The winner wants to continue working as usual in the restaurant and continue her simple lifestyle.


FB Caption: The seller handed her 2 random tickets after Ladda couldn’t find the tickets she originally wanted.


Source: Khaosod