Young man gives up job to sell donuts to motorists

A YOUNG Thai man gave up his office job to open a roadside donut stall and now sells the tasty snack to appreciative motorists all day in eastern Chanthaburi province, INN News said today (Sept. 17)

Motorists stopping at an intersection in Thai Mai district of Chanthaburi see the donut vendor who wears a large pink apron walking around selling his snack every day from around 8 am to 6 pm with these being freshly made at his nearby roadside donut stall called Omm Donut Chanthaburi.

Running this tiny business is Chumphon Narod who said he used to work for a company but his salary was only 10,000 baht a month and as his relative was already selling donuts he decided to do the same.

Donut 2

Initially he was only selling the snack from his stall but when he saw some people selling flowers to motorists waiting for traffic lights to change he decided to do the same.

Four pieces of these donuts cost 20 baht with a bag of 10 pieces going for 50 baht and 20 pieces a hundred baht.

Chumphon said if business runs well he plans to expand.


Top: Chumphon selling his donuts at an intersection in Chanthaburi. Photo INN News

Inset: Chumphon’s roadside donut stall. Photo: INN News