Convenient Rack Repair Keeps Your Warehouse in Operation

Don’t let a damaged rack slow down your warehouse operations. With the convenient rack repair system offered by ROS-Thailand, your warehouse can still operate normally even as racks are being repaired.

Warehouses are busy, fast-paced places where heavy forklifts and pallet jacks often rush around, trying to fill orders as fast as possible. It’s inevitable that this heavy machinery would run into racking uprights, denting and damaging them.

Warehouse managers in the past were forced to unload all the merchandise on the damaged rack for safety’s sake. The rack had to remain vacant until it could be replaced. This caused a slowdown in the warehouse operations as order-fillers were diverted to the task of unloading the rack and finding other areas to store the merchandise.


Slowdown in Warehouse Operations

The task of unloading a rack and storing merchandise elsewhere affected not just workforce productivity but also customer satisfaction. The out-of-commission rack caused a general slowdown in warehouse operations. This would cause a domino effect where many regular customers would receive their orders late.

One damaged rack in a central warehouse might be responsible for many loyal customers having their operations disrupted. Warehouse managers had to keep their employees safe, so they had no choice but to take the rack out of operation. But they risked losing valuable customers by their decision.


Alternative Solution Needed

What was desperately needed was an elegant alternative solution that could preserve as much of the warehouse operations as possible while dealing with the damage to the racks.

The COVID-19 pandemic put pressure on order fulfillment warehouses to operate more efficiently and faster than ever before, as people started to rely on delivery services during the lockdowns.

Damaged racks were a part of the expense of modern warehouse operations. Finding a time-saving way to deal with them and preserve the fast pace of a warehouse’s operations at the same time was becoming crucial to a warehouse’s survival.


ROS-Thailand Has the Answer

A company called ROS-Thailand came up with an innovative solution that satisfied the needs of warehouses all over the country.

The solution did away with replacing the entire rack as too costly and time-consuming. Instead, this elegant solution can repair a rack while warehouse operations continue around it.


How it Works

ROS-Thailand’s rack repair system works by surrounding the damaged rack upright with a heavy brace that can take the weight of the merchandise on the rack. This brace acts as the upright while the original upright is straightened back to its original shape and strength. There’s no need to unload the merchandise on the rack.

Once the brace is in place, a pneumatic system is used to raise the damaged upright off the warehouse floor slightly so it can be repaired.

The repaired upright is lowered back down, and the brace is removed to finish the job. That’s all there is to it.

If you’re facing operational slowdowns in your warehouse due to damaged racks, get in touch with ROS-Thailand today and have your racks repaired while your operational efficiency is maintained.