Energy code likely to be enforced on big buildings next year

THE Building Energy Code will most likely be enforced on large buildings of over 10,000 square meters next year with this code now ready for submission to the Building Control Commission this month, Thai News Agency quoted Energy Minister General Anataporn Kanjanarat as saying today.

Speaking after presiding over a ceremony to hand out certificates to new energy-efficient building designs, Gen Anataporn said that nine types of new buildings or additions or alterations to older structures of over 10,000 sqm have to first comply with this code most likely from next year onwards.  

These nine types of buildings include medical and educational facilities, offices, condominiums, auditoriums, theatres, hotels, entertainment facilities and department stores.

This step will save around 74 million units of electricity a year or around 260 million baht and reduce carbon dioxide emission by 43,000 metric tons annually.

Meanwhile Prapong Wongtareu, head of Department of Alternative Energy Development and Efficiency said that the Building Control Commission is working on drafting ministerial regulations on size, standards and guidelines for energy-efficient buildings for enforcement on new buildings or additions or alterations to existing buildings of over 2,000 sqm but wants to try with structures over 10,000 sqm first.

From 2018 buildings over 5,000 sqm will come under this code and from 2019 those over 2,000 sqm.

Initially the construction cost should not rise more than 5% and return on this investment should be obtainable within three to five years with this step helping the country save energy as well, he added.


Top: Part of downtown Bangkok on a sunny day. Photo:

 By Thai Residents reporters




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