Experts say engineers have to control demolitions

AS experts tried to find ways to rescue two workers believed to be trapped in the collapsed eight-storey commercial building in Sukhumvit soi 87 the Council of Engineers came out to say that an engineer has to be in charge of demolition of buildings higher than three stories, Thai News Agency said today.

Council of Engineers Secretary General Dr Amorn Pimanmas said that an engineer is needed in such demolitions because he has to design the procedural steps including what equipment to be used and the hiring of skilled workers to do the job.

The council will be calling the engineer in charge of the demolition work at the collapsed building to question why this happened.

Meanwhile executives of both the Council of Engineers and Engineering Institute of Thailand inspected the collapsed building today to help rescue two workers believed to be still trapped within the rubble. They were trying to find ways to carefully move heavy cement panels without affecting adjacent buildings which might also likewise collapse if this was not done properly.

They believe that the missing workers would be on the lowest floor of the collaped structure, Thai News Agency said.


Top: The rubble and remaining tottering structure of the building in Sukhumvit soi 87 which collapsed yesterday. Photo: Thai News Agency


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