Furor over property ad board blocking footpath

THERE is an uproar on Thai social media over a property ad board which a famous real estate company placed across a footpath on Rama 2 road forcing pedestrians to go around it on the road and risk being hit by vehicles, Sanook.com reported today (Oct 14, 2018).

JS100 Radio website ran photos of this offending ad board near the entrance of soi 73 at this road on Thonburi side of the city and they were shared multiple times. The price at this new single house project starts at 10 million baht.

Some Thai netizens blasted this company for being extremely selfish because a footpath is for pedestrians to walk on.

Others said as local officials have not come to remove this ad board even though it affects the people, it could lead to a misunderstanding that they have received money under the table from this company so they should quickly resolve the problem.

However a few netizens were a little kinder and said it could be the work of the company hired to place ad boards not the developer.

Yet another group said as this company, which is just starting to sell houses in its new project, is already taking advantage of the local people, buyers should beware of also being taken advantage of.


Above and below: The property ad board that completely blocked the footpath on Rama 2 road. Photos: Sanook.com