Huge crane collapses killing operator

A GIANT construction crane suddenly fell over, killing its operator, at a condominium construction site on Rama 9 road this afternoon (August 30, 2018), Thai News Agency reported

The accident occurred at a big site abutting this road where 8-storey condominium buildings are being built. It was the inner most building, next to the expressway, where the crane’s boom suddenly came crashing down on the incomplete 5th floor, crumpling its ceiling.

Part of the detached boom got close to the expressway when it suddenly toppled.


Workers ran for their lives upon seeing the huge crane start to collapse, but the crane operator, Mr Kriengdej Chaikorfa, was not able to get out of the operator’s cab and died on the spot.

Police from Wang  Thong Lang station, together with officials form BMA’s Department of Public Works and construction engineers, are working out a plan to carefully remove the big crane as they have to ensure that the workers do not get injured while doing, and the structure is not further damaged.


Top and in-text: The giant crane lying on top of the condominium that is being built on Rama 9 road. Photos: Thai News Agency