Interior design drifting back to the past

AMONG the various aspects of life that aging baby boomers are now changing is interior design with a top Thai designer noticing a distinct shift back to the past they fondly remember as children and teenagers.

Niwat Aunprueng, senior partner of P Interior and Associates Company (PIA) said this morning that going decades back to the days of yore is the key to designing for this sizable segment of the population.

Mr Niwat: The past beckons
Mr Niwat: The past beckons

“They want something classic; want a Thai contemporary feel and originality. They are keen on what was prevalent in the past, all that they were familiar with when they were young.”

Many Thai baby boomers are in fact quite wealthy and have original Thai artifacts to display in carefully designed space.

“The structure is already modern and very little material is used. The emerging trend is to just paint the walls and display valuable artifacts in the room.”

It is noteworthy that foreign property buyers have always been keen on contemporary Thai look and it now seems another large segment of the Thai population is moving in tandem with them.

“This brings to mind another word – timeless – it can last forever.”

The lobby of Hua Hin Marriott Resort & Spa which PIA recently designed.
The lobby of Hua Hin Marriott Resort & Spa which PIA recently designed.

Mr Niwat has also observed that those with deep pockets seem to prefer living in the central business district with penthouses of course being a big favorite, and, in his opinion, this has led to it being a little more difficult to sell villas and single houses.

“Units in Asok and Ratchadamri sell very quickly.”
Aside from CBD, Thai baby boomers are also keen on living by the riverside which has led to a number of high-end condominiums being developed on the banks of Chao Phraya River.

“The group looking at bygone days wants to live in their own vacation club with some projects being developed solely to entice their friends to move in and live with them.

“You might have heard – ‘I don’t want profit I want my friends to come and live with me in this building.’ This then is a new dimension in design and property circles.

“The elderly don’t know who to talk to when they wake up in the morning and it’s nice to meet friends because their children have mostly moved out.”


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