Landlords warned not to overcharge for power and water

AN announcement by the Office of Consumer Protection Board (OCPB) detailing new conditions for residential rentals takes effect from tomorrow (May 1, 2018) and this forbids landlords from overcharging for electricity and water, reported.

Aware of this upcoming change, some landlords have come up with fraudulent methods to overcharge their tenants with one being to pad up their maintenance bill.

This board warned that from tomorrow onwards all rental contracts between landlords and tenants have to follow the conditions it has set. Those not doing so will be breaking the law.

Landlords may call 1661 to get further details about this announcement while tenants being ripped off by their landlords on their utility bills may petition the board.


Top: A prime rental area in downtown Bangkok. Photo:

Below: An announcement at an apartment building saying that electricity rate is the same as before 8 baht a unit, with 5 baht a unit being applied to what the tenants use and 3 baht a unit for common area. . The comment above by a tenant who shared the notice questions what maintenance is all about since the building does not have a lift and there is only light on the front door. Photo: