New High-Speed train project of up to 250 KM/HR

The Thai railway trains that we are used to are well known for being extremely slow, where most locals and visitors will choose the railway train as the last choice of transportation if possible. The main reason that many locals still use the Thai railway train to travel from one province to another is that of it being free to locals, with the exceptions of First class seats that come with a private room and bed on the train. Although The First class seats are normally attached with a price tag that is similar to that of a Bus or a plane ticket, making first-class seats a big seller only during times of the new year, Songkran, and holiday periods where the prices of plane tickets rise up.




The main reason that the Railway train can not travel faster than it already is, is mainly due to the medieval track that cannot support speed trains, such as those used in other countries like Japan. The average speed for the current trains to travel at is 65 KM/HR. The current government is researching methods to help develop the train tracks to support high-speed trains that can run up to 250 KM/HR. The double track railway can support speed trains at 160 KM/HR but, it is still not fast enough to support the demands of travelers going and arriving from the airport.  


The new project will connect three airports together seamlessly with a super fast track that can support High-Speed trains of up to 250 KM/HR. The beginning station will be at Don Muang Airport, the second station being at Suvarnabhumi airport, and the last station will be at U-Tapao Airport located in Rayong. The U-Tapao airport is also very close to Pattaya in Chonburi province, making it extremely convenient for travelers both local and foreign to travel in between two major cities of Thailand.



The total distance from Don Muang to U-Tapao is 220 KM. The speed that the train can run from Don Muang to Suvarnabhumi is 160 KM/HR, then from Suvarnabhumi to U-Tapao, the train can travel at a full speed of 250 KM/HR. On average, the High-Speed train can take you from Don Muang to U-Tapao airport in Rayong in only 65 minutes compared to travel by personal car is 3 hours, and the current train travel time of 4.30 hours.


FB Caption: Travelling from Don Muang Airport to Rayong will take only 65 Minutes


Source: TNN  , eeco