Top 10 Reasons to Make a New Luxury Condo for Sale in Hua Hin Your Home

Long a favourite with aristocrats, hi-so Thais and European visitors, this seaside haven has become a hot ticket in recent years. Nowadays, Hua Hin is one of Thailand’s most sought-after beachside resort towns. Why? Because it is located right on the Gulf of Thailand and less than 200 km from Bangkok. This idyllic seaside haven offers the permanent resident, weekend visitor or holidaymaker the perfect mix of sun, surf, sand and city. If you are considering making it your home by purchasing a new luxury condo for sale in Hua Hin, we can help you make that decision a little easier by offering up ten rock-solid reasons to make it your home.

 Moderate living

Although it has become increasingly popular over the last decade, Hua Hin still maintains a budget-friendly cost of living. Housing, food and entertainment need not be overly expensive as the city caters to both high-end and budget residents and visitors.

 Adventure zone

From hiking trails and white water rafting to kiteboarding, windsurfing and paragliding, Hua Hin has it all! Nature lovers and thrill-seekers will find plenty to amuse themselves in this seaside city that is adjacent to many beaches and national parks.

 Gulf magic

As mentioned earlier, Hua Hin is nestled in the majestic Gulf of Thailand. This part of Thailand is a great place to live because of its year-round sunshine and warm weather, mild monsoon season (May and October) and stunning natural beauty.

 Seaside sanctuary

Unlike other well-known seaside city spots like Pattaya and Patong, Hua Hin does not have heavy traffic and shops buffeted right up to the shoreline. Instead, there is a nice buffer zone, offering beachgoers a measure of seclusion, privacy and tranquillity.

 Transport hub

Boasting international flights several times a week, a Suvarnabhumi Airport shuttler bus, ferry to Pattaya, and vans and buses to just about every province in the country, residents and tourists alike have a good range of cheap and safe transportation options.

 Multicultural gem

Both expats and locals alike agree that Hua Hin has a perfect mix of Thai and Western elements. From restaurants and markets to cafes and shops, the city is brimming with a diverse range of dining and entertainment options to suit all tastes and budgets.

 Viva vino

Although most people do not associate Thailand with wine, this is precisely what Hua Hin is fast becoming known for. The city boasts some world-class vineyards (the most southerly in the Land of Smiles). Enjoy an outdoor tour and delicious tasting menu.

 Golfing glory

Hand’s down Hua Hin is considered the top golfing destination in the whole of Thailand because it’s home to ten championship golf courses. These reasonably-proved clubs offer stunning views, challenging courses, gourmet food and excellent service.

 Shopping mecca

Although not immediately apparent, Hua Hin is also something of a shopping Mecca. From small antique shop houses to large outlet shopping malls and bespoke fashion boutiques, the city offers a wide selection of shopping destinations.

 Ideal location

One final reason you might want to consider buying a new luxury condo for sale in Hua Hin is that the city is ideally located less than 3 hours driving from Bangkok, making it a convenient destination for those who love to travel over the weekend and/or need easy access to an international airport.

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