Townhouses with a difference in Sukhumvit

MAKING townhouses truly livable is a challenging task but having a go at it is Nye Estate Company with its Quarter Collection projects in Sukhumvit soi 31 and 39.

This company’s managing director Sutee Limpanachaipornkul said recently that the forerunner of these two townhouse estates is the Parc Priva single house development near Thailand Culture Center because it was there that some interesting features were implemented.

Parc Priva photo (1)When his company obtained the Ratchadapisek-Rama 9 plot everyone thought they would build a condominium because land is quite expensive in that area. However, they decided to build single houses but had to design them differently because the plot per house was relatively small at 60 square wah yet they wanted to sell them at around 40 million baht each.

According to the regulations, a house on a 60 square wah plot has to leave two meters of space on three sides and three meters in front. Despite this amount of space between the houses there is usually not much privacy with residents generally keeping their curtains drawn most of the time.

“So we changed that, there is another regulation stating that only one meter not two need be left should there not be any windows.

“So we blocked off one side entirely and moved the land to the other side where some have put in a pool while others left it as a large garden and this way windows can be opened.

“This was very successful, we sold all 60 houses in one year.”

Mr Sutee added that Nye Estate wanted to implement this winning concept at their sites in Sukhumvit soi 31 and 39 but found that this was not possible because the price per unit would escalate to 90 million baht. However the Parc Priva design is being used at their Thonglor site where nine single houses are being built.

“People would not like paying 40 million baht for a townhouse with cars parked in front. So we used our imagination –it would be good to park underground and walk up to the ground floor and see a swimming pool.”

Because underground construction is expensive, Nye Estate decided only dig one and a half meters deep with the remaining .60 meters of space needed for the car park being built above ground.

Mr Sutee said that the price of both Quarter 39 and Quarter 31 townhouses is the same at around 40 million baht. The soi 39 project, which has altogether 15 townhouses, is 70% built and should be completed by yearend. Meanwhile the soi 31 development, which has 20 units, will be completed later as piling has just begun.

The nine single houses at Quarter Thonglor are priced at around 80 million baht each and around 60 to 70% of the construction has been completed.


TOP: Quarter 39 townhouse estate has semi-underground parking which resolves a major problem for residents.

INSET: One of the houses at Parc Priva estate near Thailand Cultural Center.

By Nina Suebsukcharoen





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